Mineral Air Replaces:    ✓ Primer     ✓ Concealer    ✓ Mineral Makeup    ✓Hydrating Serum
Achieve a Natural Finish That Lasts Up to 10 Hours!
Mineral Air Airbrush is a professional, 100% mineral makeup that lays on your skin without clogging pores. 
Whether you are looking to even out skin tones, cover age spots or erase blemishes and acne scars, the Mineral Air seamless application process provides accurate coverage to achieve a breathable, natural looking finish.

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Cover Blemishes and Uneven Skin Tones
With This 4-in-1 Foundation

Flawless, Even Coverage, Without Any Harsh Chemicals!
Together, Mineral Air’s light-as-air touch-free application and ultra-refined 4-in-1 Foundation allow you to seamlessly blend your makeup with your skin tone for a color match like nothing you’ve tried before. Just choose from one of our seven shades and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% Shade Match Guarantee!  

Free of any parabens, talc, phthalate, mineral oil, gluten, BHT, BHA, synthetic dyes, synthetic or synthetic fragrances, this one of a kind foundation works with all skin types and lasts over 10 hours without any touchups!

Applying Your Makeup
Has Never Been So Easy!

Mineral Air Airbrush is the ultimate makeup tool, combining a primer, concealer, hydration serum and mineral foundation into one, breathable foundation. 

Mineral Air uses advanced air flow technology with a micro airbrush tip which allows for a soft but precise mist over the skin that feels like air. The unique application only takes seconds to use and rids the need for bacteria-full sponges or brushes.

Best of all, the airbrush is portable, rechargeable, and cordless!

Save Time & Money with Mineral Air!
Loved & Trusted by Our Customers
The coverage is fantastic, it's so easy to use, and saves me time in the morning when getting ready for work. I recently saw a picture of myself that someone took and I thought, wow, my skin looks great! It was really noticeable. Thanks, Mineral Air, you are my new best friend!!”  – Cathy

"It's easy to use. I bought the air brush that you plug in but it was just too big & awkward to use The rechargeable is smaller & much easier."  – Betty
The Makeup last ALL day long and matching your shade is simple. I like a light coverage, so less than 30 seconds applying foundation and I'm done! I read and watched reviews on the Internet and was nervous about this purchase, but don't be!!! This has been my best buy all year...I don't dread applying foundation any more.”  – Heather Y.

"Easy peasy! I was a bit skeptical but once I used it for the first time I loved it! Very easy to use, coverage lasts!" – MJ
I love my mineral air, it's so easy to use unlike the other brand I've tried in the past. It's so easy to use and no messy fingers or makeup stained nails. It is so natural looking also, it doesn't look like your wearing makeup at all. My friend have even ask me if I've had "some work done", and I tell them about mineral air!"  — Lisa C.

"Love it! I love how natural it looks and it's so light. I definitely recommend."
– Cyndi F.